Charm of a Terrace

June , 2017

So what is it about a penthouse that attracts everyone? Is it the sense of achievement – of owning the ultimate epitome of luxury; or the satisfaction of fulfilling a long nurtured dream? Honestly, it is indeed one of the best things one can gift oneself!

One of the main attractions of owning a penthouse is the terrace! A personal terrace with no one to disturb your privacy and peace! The expansive views, the feeling of being on top of the world leaving the hustle of life far below, the exclusivity makes it all the more desirable! You can indulge yourself endlessly in the luxuries that come with one!

A beautifully planned landscaped terrace garden with a cosy seating, nooks and corners to relax, equipped with an up-to-date bar and barbeque is among the top favourite options to have! For those who like to entertain and have people around, this is one comfort they would love to flaunt!

A perfectly manicured artificial lawn and pebbled pathways lined with pretty flowering plants, greenery and a water-body under the clear blue sky give a wonderful sense of being one with nature! There’s rarely anything more stunning than a night-time view of a light-studded city surrounding you and stars twinkling above!

Another extravagance one can enjoy is having an infinity pool or a swimming pool on the terrace! Installing a sauna and glass roof shower wins hands down in terms of pampering your soul!

The penthouse terrace becomes an extension of your lifestyle and its expression! One may choose opulence or a zen-like ambience – it reflects your personality! You seek inspiration from your surroundings and the terrace lives up to the expectations of being a perfect soul-soother! If you are looking for a new home, do give a thought about including a piece of this inspirational space – the terrace in your ‘must have’ list!

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