Inspiring Spaces

May , 2017

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and felt this innate urge to move out of the place immediately? A simple instance is an elevator – no matter if it’s packed with people or you are travelling alone, it almost always makes you claustrophobic! Conversely, why do you frequent that one restaurant which is at the far end of the city or rush to your room once you are home from a tiring day or tour?

Well! These are the vibes given out by a space! Certain places give out certain vibes – some are pleasant while some are not so pleasant! Some relax you while others take you into an introspective mode! Some spaces inspire you to reflect… they are your ‘go to’ places when you need to get into a zone. How a space facilitates your thinking process or affects your mood is a unique attribute of that particular space.

Everyone needs their time alone – that’s essential to our very existence and sanity. You may find peace in your room, a nook in the terrace or garden, your study, a favourite table at a restaurant or a place you like to visit in your vicinity. There’s a subtle difference between rumination and reflection which one needs to understand though. Rumination leaves you exhausted while reflection brings you peace!

And that’s where sensitive design comes into play. A well designed space inspires you, offers solace in your toughest of times or celebrates your elation too. It could be the overall ambience, the soft lighting, the play of colours; or nature’s beauty like the greenery around, water flowing by, sea-shore… If you haven’t thought about it yet, do take a moment to acknowledge the beauty of such spaces around you. And if you can’t think of any such getaway, do start looking for one! In fact, we wish that you find such a space to live in, to work at!

Life’s all about inspiration – so find yours asap!

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