The Terraces – It’s all about privacy!

May , 2017

“I’d like people to get a sense of who I am, yet I want to keep my privacy, too.” This quote by actor Rosamund Pike nails the concept of privacy in today’s context!

Ironically, gone are the days when people existed and their personalities blossomed even while living in the clutter of joint families! But although that concept has been replaced by a more sophisticated way of independent living, we still find ourselves craving for a piece (and peace) of privacy!

Because need for privacy is an inherent human trait! We may be the classic social animals, which is evident in the manner our lives are filled with social connections and socializing; yet there are moments when you come home after a tiring day and you long for some peaceful moments all by yourself! Without maybe even the closest of family disturbing you!

And there’s nothing wrong in it. Time spent with oneself is the most enriching experience for those who really understand and value its importance.

So, having privacy is a luxury even today. And getting a home which takes care of this subtle need is equivalent to enjoying fruits of good karma. Because although most of the homes these days are well designed, very few really have the space to accommodate ‘privacy’!

But you are welcome at ‘The Terraces’ which has been designed fully understanding the importance for privacy and intimacy! The double height terraces to each villa offer the ultimate luxury of privacy. Spend soul soothing peaceful moments here with your ‘self’ or in the company of your loved ones at your will!

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