Conversations here are simply intimate!

April , 2017

It is often heard these days that meaningful conversations have taken a backseat with our lives shifting to the virtual world. Though we may have a horde of contacts in our phone list and a junk of forwards filling inboxes every morning, what our heart craves for is a heart to heart with loved one.

In the physical world too, we are surrounded by people! Yes we are, but it’s an incessant chaos which surrounds us! One yearns for a quiet moment in all the mad-rush going around and you don’t even know anymore what is it that you are looking for? Ironically in this aloneness we seek privacy and intimacy!

But hang on! Life is also full of pleasant surprises! You may rediscover the meaning of ‘intimacy’ in spaces carefully crafted for the purpose – which albeit are rare! ‘The Terraces’ is one such creation which has been designed fully comprehending the basic need for privacy and intimacy!

Located in Baner- Balewadi, the 4.5 BHK Duplex Apartments in ‘The Terraces’ provide the ultimate solace of staying in a prime area while enjoying the benefits of low-density living! Every space here provides the much needed privacy which one can retreat after a long and tiring day!

The double height terraces to each apartment are perfectly aligned to maintain privacy. You don’t need to step out of home to spend quality time with your loved ones. The ambience encourages conversations to take up a deeply intimate quality about them. Scintillating, intellectual, romantic, wordless, funny… however you prefer them to be!

Rarely do you come across projects like ‘The Terraces’ which redefine meaningful living – providing the privacy of a bungalow and security which comes with coexistence! You may want to check it out personally if you cherish the importance of intimate conversations!

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