The Terraces – understated elegance!

April , 2017

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci

You may call it elegance, sophistication or grace… it holds true in all aspects of life! As for us at Almal, we live by the adage! ‘The Terraces’ is a wordless testimony to it! In a world full of extravagance one loses out on the main essence of luxury – Simplicity!

‘The Terraces’ deviates from the set norms and brings around a refreshing perspective on boutique residential architecture. A home is a reflection of your character! Opulence is always beautiful when it is subtle and this is what we have strived to achieve in every nook and corner of the unique 4.5 BHK Bungalow Style apartments.

Located in close proximity to the Balewadi High Street (BHS), a high life is at a stone’s throw from the project. One gets spoilt with the choices available in recreation, retail, health and fitness facilities. Yet, ‘The Terraces’ provides the ultimate comfort of staying in a prime area with easy accessibility while enjoying the benefits of low-density living!

Seamlessly weaving simplicity with functionality, the comfort of indoors and freshness of outdoors is combined to bring about the openness of a bungalow while providing all the conveniences of an apartment.

Privacy is another factor which gives an individual character to a home! This aspect too is well integrated while designing the 20 exclusive units. Double height ceilings keep one connected with nature while maintaining the privacy of each individual unit.

Clean lines evoke simplicity and give a minimalist character to the project as a whole while exuding an air of quiet affluence. ‘The Terraces’ is our attempt towards redefining the concept of understated urban elegance.

We are sure you will fall in love with ‘The Terraces’ if you are among those who believe that simplicity is elegance!

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